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By Helen | 12 July 2019 | 0 Comments

Why Can We Offer This Low Price?

The price of a doll depends on her material and length. Mostly, the bigger/taller sex dolls the more expensive. Our price from $500 to $3000. Mini sex dolls (100cm tall) with flat chest would be cheaper, like $699. In the same way, BBW sex dolls (160cm tall, even 170cm) with big boobs&big ass would be more expensive, because she cost more material.

The most important reason of our lower price, is our material&shipping&manufacturer. We are 11 year sex dolls manufacturer in China, we design, produce, sales sex dolls by ourselves, so we have
 wholesale price. We use TPE silicone material, due to it have better quality and more affordable prices, it makes everyone can afford a silicone sex doll. We work with international courier companies like UPS, FedEx...So free shipping worldwide can be come true.

Actually, sex dolls are handmade, and custom by customers(skin color, eyes color, nail color, vagina, public hair, wig even head). So, it is normal for sex dolls have a small difference/gap. But don't worry, there won't be have a wonky face or weired body on dolls, because we have many factory photos & videos that show to you and we will confirm to customers before shipping.


Thanks for viewing.

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